Tuesday, June 23, 2009


The time has come...I hope you enjoy. Peace LOVETiana

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

My BIOgraphy

I had to write a bio today. It was pretty frustrating at first knowing that I've never completed school or received a degree towards my dreams and aspirations of becoming a writer/director. AND also, dealing with the embarassement of being in my mid thirties & finally beginning to do what I have always dreamnt of doing...O'well fug it. God's timing never makes sense. But, I came to the conclusion in full confidence knowing that the school of life and being hands on is just as rich and rewarding then any degree I could ever receive from any establishment. I decided to share it with you. SO, here it goes...

Tiana Mandrigues was born on February 12th, 1975 in San Jose, CA. An only child, raised by a hard working single mother and help from her grandparents, uncles and aunts, Tiana grew up surrounded with love from her family.

She grew up along side her cousin Travis, whom was like her brother. Both latch key kids, raised by single mothers that had no extra money to put them through extra curricular activities. It was during their summer vacations together, they were forced to become creative and naturally entertain one another with the little they had. From hosting cooking shows to invisible audiences, performing live radio shows and lip synching concerts to being models in fashion shows with makeup and wardrobe straight from grandmas closet, these early years helped her grow into becoming the humorous, entertaining, inventive and creative artist that she is today.

In 1995, she came to a turning point in her life when she heard her father passed away from a sudden heart attack. She never knew her father but would soon come to find closure in her life when she found out that her love for poetry and the ability to express through word came from him. It was after her fathers passing she grew the desire to share her story of loss and the importance of a father through film.

In 2000 she relocated to Los Angeles, CA and took a writing class at USC. She soon lost interest and failed the class when her teacher said trying to find the love from her father was not “Hollywood” enough.

In 2003, Tiana got her first big break working in the entertainment industry through a friend from church working as a personal assistant to actor/celebrity Marlon Wayans. Working for the Wayans Bros. is where she learned professionalism in the business, how to “beast” and to be excellent at her work, even if the responsibilities seemed unimportant. Marlon always stressed to “put your best work out” because your name is attached to it. She is extremely grateful for the learning experience and the opportunity to work with one of the most influential, loving and hard working families in this entertainment industry.

With a strong belief in family and community, Tiana has been actively involved in various outreaches and sees the importance of giving back to people. She has volunteered her time at South Central YMCA, in a youth program called “Peace 4 Kids” as a volunteer to the youth in the film & arts department. She has helped raise money and brings awareness of the rare blood disease called, “Lupus” by being involved with the J Dilla Project and the ALR (Alliance for Lupus Research). Tiana is also a survivor of sexual abuse and is an advocate for children of abuse & domestic violence. She has volunteered her time to the organization, “Day of the Child” and encourages others to become a mentor to a foster child.

In her spare time, she loves learning about great leaders who came from nothing who’ve accomplished great things on earth and made major contributions to humanity. Going to museums, art galleries, reading books, painting, writing poetry and going to the beach helps bring her inspiration as an artist.

Tiana continues to follow her dreams as a writer/director and desires to make her mark in this entertainment industry by bringing a message of love, hope, laughter, healing and provoke change for the better through her work. Her desire is to share the vision in her heart through the lens of a camera so the world can see what she sees.

Being a female and a minority in this entertainment industry, Tiana strives to break all stereo types and desires to become a respectable writer/producer/director with hopes to inspire other future female film makers. She truly believes as women, "We don't have to just be the eye candy in the videos and movies, but we can also make the videos and movies. We can make history".

I don’t have much in the eyes of man, but I have an over abundance of love in my heart and spirit. And with this, I am the wealthiest woman alive. - Tiana Mandrigues

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thank You

I just want to thank Frank Nitt for giving me the opportunity to direct his video to his song, LOVE. It really all started as a contest, (Where's my watch!?) lol, then I ended up just doing the actual video thanks to Mike Ross. So this blog is a HUGE thank you to Frank, Mike Ross and EVERY single person that helped and participated in making this video.
Special thanks to Ernest, Imani and Victor (3 Shape Media) in the countless hours working on this. Can you say 21 hours no sleep? Hard work but feels so good doing what you love. LOVE YOU GUYS! And to Jenny Villaruz, the cute Filipino girl, and my friend playing the lead girl, your expressions and spirit is so fresh. Michael, thanks for sacrificing your time and your amazing acting skills. You two captured the essence of what I was trying to portray in a relationship. It really looked like you guys been together forever. My friends dressing up in different fits to look like different people cause we had no $ to cast people. HA! Kashmere, the owner of 711 who let us shoot at his store. John, the owner of "The Don", the fresh caddy in the vid. Our meeting was so divine. Just so happened to meet him at 711, how funny is that? and to everyone who blessed their presence in this vid.
I'm really excited, it's finally coming out soon. It feels real good to complete something. I feel really proud of this accomplishment. Even if people hate on it, which we will ALWAYS have critics, I feel good that this will be my very first video I directed. No matter what people may say. I know my family is really proud of me too and thats what matters most. And also thank you to Marlon Wayans, my mentor and friend. Always engraining in my brain to put out my best work, because my name is on it.

I hope to inspire other females working the behind scenes in film. There are so many dope lady directors/producers/writers etc. I can't wait to see the ladies do their thing. We don't have to JUST be in the videos we can make the videos, movies and commercials, etc. etc. We can make history:)
Peace LOVETiana

7-11 Deep...shooting with no permits and free. Hardcore.

This dude is for real. lol. He actually hangs out at the 711 off Pico and La Brea. I forgot his name but he's actually a really friendly guy. He definitely was amusing. I am so glad I got to meet him.

Frank Nitt "LOVE" featuring DJ Quik and Jay Black. Produced by Terrace Martin. Out on ITunes. I love this song. I am so excited for Franks new album coming soon. Follow him on Twitter Franknitt

My gramps was so cool...RIP Gpa, miss u lots

I love jazz so much. I come from a family of musicians. My moms father was a jazz saxonphonist. My other grandpa used to be part of a Filipino jazz group and play the keys/drums in the Filmore District in San Francisco. I have many great memories listening to Blue Note Records with my gramps and going to jazz festivals growing up. It's because of him I have a love for jazz music. I have been blessed to be introduced to Bill Evans, Stan Getz, Miles Davis, Sonny Stitt and MANY other Jazz Greats because of my grandpa playing these records throughout the house when I was a little girl. I remember studying and being captivated by the cool Blue Note Vinyl covers. Here are some of my favorite songs that remind me of him. Enjoy...Peace LOVETiana
My Uncle Paul and my gramps playing the drums at a BBQ.
Uncle Paul and Gpa on the drums

I'm from the Bay Area and MISS so much the cool jazz spots in San Francisco. Living out here in Los Angeles there are very few venues that play great live jazz but I happened to be introduced to an incredible place called The Vibrato Jazz and Grill in Bel Aire. If you are looking for a place to hear some great music, good food and incredible ambiance, go to Vibrato.
Vibrato Jazz and Grill in Bel Aire

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I Love Selena

Selena was loved by so many. I cry EVERY time I watch this movie, lol. Her story is one of the best Underdog stories to ever come to film. Her family was like the Mexican Jackson 5. R.I.P. Selena.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Power of Music in Film

E.T. is definitely a classic for me. This era in music and film was so magical. I remember being a little girl at the movie theaters with my grandma and balling my eyes out when E.T. was sick and dying. And then, at the same time feeling like I could fly when I seen Elliot taking off in the air with E.T. on his bike. This feeling didn't just come from the visual but the music took me there as well. As an aspiring Writer/Director I understand the power of emotion that can be provoked from film and music, the most powerful mediums. I feel they go hand in hand. Artists, continue to create work that provokes feeling. Whether you are an actor, writer, musician, photographer, stylists, or director. We are all story tellers of some sort. Stay original. Get emotional about your art. Let your work provoke feeling and tell a story.
Peace LOVETiana

John Williams, one of the most amazing genius composers of all time.


If Truth Be Told

I can't wait for this

Hate on Human "Ways" not Human "Beings"

I am tired of BIG ASS CHAINS
The letter "B" alone could have helped a community in PAIN...
TIRED of Big Ass Chains/The Letter B alone could have helped a community in PAIN
I don't ever want to hate on an individual. I have love for Human "BEINGS" but there are some things I hate in Human "WAYS".
When I see things like this right here, it really disappoints me, like really. Makes me shake my head, saddens my spirit and say, "WTF?!?!" Especially, when we are in a time of recession. Even if YOU are not experiencing recession in your world, there are others that are. Don't get me wrong, there is NOTHING wrong for being successful and being able to live a lifestyle which you worked so hard for. You deserve it, BUT this looks like to ME, money x ???= ????? I don't know the behind the scenes stuff, so maybe there is another side of community, philanthrophy or giving back in some way that I am not aware of, then much respect.
Even if we weren't in a recession flamboyancy and excessivenes seems wasteful, especially in the times that we are living. But that's just me. This is the great freedom we have in choice and free will. We all have the right to express ourselves. Just think though, if you passed tomorrow how will people remember you by? By what you did for them? or how you looked to them?
You know, at the end of day it's our own choice on how we want to spend our own $. To each his own.
Honestly, sometimes I think thoughts like, If Marvin Gaye was alive today to see the state of where music and times are at? What would his songs be about today? I'm wondering if he would sing a part 2 Version of "What's Going On?".
Once again, PEACE LOVETiana

F*** this Rap Sh** I listen to Classical

I love giving my mind a break from the music of today and go back to the beauty and essence of musical instruments. I was lol to myself wondering if Bach or Chopin or other genius pianists would hate or battle one another like we see in this rap industry today, but on some keys. In my opinion, you can't get any realer than strings and keys.

Not to long ago, I had the opportunity to hear Dilla's music composed into a 40 Piece Orchestra set conducted by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and Carlos Nino. The event was called, "A Suite for Ma Dukes". If you were there, then you got to experience this "magical" moment in music history. If you weren't there, here are a few pics and clips. If you ever get the chance in life, see a live orchestra or a theater play. You will truly appreciate music and the arts on a whole different level. Enjoy! Always stay true to music. Protect it. It is a gift.
Carlos Nino

On stage with some of the greatest.

Monday, June 8, 2009


I believe in my Lord and Savior and place no one above thee except one man and his name Prince. lol. I have been loving this musical genius sex god since I was a little girl. I believed I would grow up and become Apollonia and marry him and then marry Michael Jackson second. To this day, I watch Purple Rain almost everyday. I just keep it on playing in my house while I clean, put on my makeup and get ready for the day, eat dinner whatever. I have been reciting this movie with cousin Travis since I was about 10 years old. When this movie came out I wasn't allowed to watch it because it was too nasty so I had to sneak and watch it at my best friends slumber parties. I am sure you 30 plus went through the same thing with your parents. I will be a Prince fan till the day I die. Please enjoy these clips before The Kid finds out and takes them off YouTube. Happy Birthday to the Kid. LOVETiana

Sunday, June 7, 2009



I’m so tired
But it’s hard for me to sleep
The state of this industry is so unsettling
Always check your motives behind the striving of your dreams
Don’t get lost in this Hollywood shuffle
My hustle is not for fame
I just want to see change
I’m tired of seeing my mom cleaning houses at minimum wage
So my dream is not for me
I just want to see prosperity for my friends and family
Tired of working for free
Tired of being deceived
Tired of people being mean
Always be good to those who feed you greens
Just want to see you healthy but why you like to see me lean?
Tired of being used by people who say they’re for my dreams
At the age of 6 my innocence was thieved
Right when I came into this world the enemy tried to kill my being
That’s why I fight for life and hate those who use & steal
So in a sense my 6th sense helps me to see the things that’s real
That’s why I am so tired of seeing
People placing favor in aesthetics
You can be beautiful on surface but wretched in your spirit
How can you expect your relationships to last?
Heart motives are wrong,
Got attached just to get cast
Now you Mrs. Johnny Cash
Plans to run away with half
Now your Mrs. Stacey Dash
Tired of seeing industry chicks getting their own reality shows
Getting their big break from leaked tapes giving felatios
Tired of seeing dogs that have more expensive gear than my own
Tired of seeing little girls hanging out in studios
Bobbin their heads to songs about tricks and hoes
Wonder who they’re rapping about, don’t you know?
You don’t need a corner to be on call for lucci
I’m tired of fashion whores
Prostituting for Prada bags and Gucci
Tired of skinny jeans
I’d rather see an ass in saggin pants and go back to 93
Tired of seeing pics in Star and US weekly magazine
Filled with attention starved celebs eating at The Ivy just to be scene
Baby you might be a star but have no personality
Just cause you Ivy League
Doesn’t mean your smarter than me
F*** your degree
I graduated with honors from The University of L.I.F.E
Tired of reading blogs that aren’t saying shit
What’s the purpose of your gift when your writings don’t make sense?
It boggles me how nonsense clips get the most hits?
Tired of Big Ass Chains
The letter "B" alone could've helped a community in Pain
Thank U Jay Z for putting out the D.O.A
I’m just tired of being tired
Damn it’s late, it’s almost a quarter to 3
Peace out
I need to catch some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s

Peace LOVETiana

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Teach yourself

You don't need a classroom to become a great student. The University of L.I.F.E. is available to us all. A lot of us do not have the time nor the $ to go to school because we have families, full time jobs or even both. We have the ability to teach ourselves ANYTHING we want to just by the resources that are available to us. Youtube is an incredible resource to teach yourself literally anything your heart desires. Piano, guitar, a foreign language, how to draw, cook, how to edit film. It's limitless when it comes to the internet. I love to play the keys. I taught myself how to play by ear and learn easier when I watch someone play. These clips are helpful if you learn better visually as well. Take advantage of your local museums and libraries. You can save tons of $ by checking out DVDs, CD's and books. Educate yourself. You can literally teach yourself anything.

Twin Souls: When Love Incarnates

If this is true, I pray for my twin soul daily. This topic of love made me think deeper then the skin color that we maybe attracted to. Go beyond that and you see a persons spirit and soul which has no color. I know there are a lot of races that like stay within their race, which is wonderful if that is your preference. But I started to think about our spirits. Our spirits do not claim or hold a race. Their is absolutely NO love in pride so if we have a twin soul mate somewhere out in this world, have you ever thought that he or she could be a different race other than what you are? Love sees beyond any race or religion. What a beautiful thing it is that we have Black, White, Asian and Latin Queens and Kings. Love doesn't look at the surface. Love looks at the heart and soul. Love is just Love.

Monday, June 1, 2009

The more I love, the more love I get

The more time we take to be good and love ourselves the easier it will be to love others. We are all vibrations and energy which affect one another because we are all literally ONE. I really like this clip because it brings us back to remember the important things in life. When we become healthy and full of love and peace within, then our music will change. Our movies will change. Our writing will change. This industry will begin to change for better, it just starts out with you and what you meditate on the moment your eyes awake. Peace LoveTiana
I absolutely LOVE Lonnie Liston, enjoy.

Happy Father's MONTH

I know it's a little to early to wish many a Happy Father's day, Sunday (June 21st). I actually wanted to acknowledge some new Daddy's. Congratulations to Hex and Robyn Elaine. They just gave birth to a little princess, "Rex", literally as I am typing this. I want to Congratulate Shoes and miss Leo, bringing in James Buchanan. just recently. My friend Micah just had a baby girl. So shout outs to all the fathers that do their very best for the kids, much respect. Here is just a FEW men that I really respect when I hear them talking about their sons or daughters that I may have read some where or seen a picture with their kids, ChinoXL, Pigeon John, Terrace Martin, Karriem Riggins, Scrap Dirty, Dilla, Dave NY, Kevin Hart, Eminem, Marlon Wayans, Omar Epps, Talib, Slopfunkdust, Fuzzy Fantabulous, Buster Rhymes, Common, Malik Yusef. I know there is more but these really touched my heart. So to all the daddies, Happy Father's MONTH.
You have no idea how I feel about the importance of a man and the importance of a father. Maybe you do if you ever read my poetry. I make a lot of references back to my dad, Guy Mandrigues. I never knew him and when I wanted to finally meet him at 21, I received a call that he had a heart attack at 38. It's so unfortunate that we just missed each other. So with his passing, I honestly feel my one soul purpose in life is to encourage men and remind men how much we need them. Your absence or presence effects us tremendously. I wonder how much my esteem would have been affected if I had my dad telling me when I was a baby till now that I am beautiful, a princess, that I can do ANYTHING I put my mind to. Would I be much younger than 34 years old starting to finally tap into making my dreams come true? Would I have dodged so many heart breaks because I would have been "wise" to spot a wolf that was trying to only get one thing? Would I still be married today because I would have been more confident and not so insecure and having trust issues? I can go back and forth and get upset and sad but I am just so thankful that I have a relationship with my heavenly Father.
It really makes my heart melt and makes me smile when I see a father holding his little girls hand. It really jacked me up a couple weeks ago seeing this little girl at La Cienega park trying to scoot herself back and forth in a swing. Seriously, choked me up cause I knew what that felt like. I do have one amazing memory though as little as I was, I think I might have been two years old, when my father lifted me high in the sky. So I hold close to that vision. I literally daydream what it would be like to just chill and hang with my pops. Go have dinner with him and just talk. I pray IF, lol, I ever get married again that my husband will be an incredible father to our babies.
There is a scripture that says, "He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers" - Malachi 4:4-6. I feel this is that time.
Love to all the men holding it down for their families, being a father and husband even if you never seen a good one modeled for yourself. Thank you. You are the root and foundation to making this world a better place because it ALL comes back to YOU. You were made in HIS image.
Peace God Bless LOVETiana

Daughters - John Mayer Youtube LOVE THIS! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f38Ne96R3iE