Saturday, November 21, 2009

Become a Mentor

I know we are all busy, but if you feel challenged to give more of yourself, check your community outreaches and see how you can get involved. Even if it's volunteering for one day. Become a mentor.

Become a mentor

One person can make a difference to change and inspire a life for the better.
At the end of the day, this is what it's about. It's about the children.

This is true LOVE.
This picture makes my heart overwhelmed

Save The Children - Marvin Gaye

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We must be in LOVE

Los Angeles, it's that time again! Year 3 & still growing strong. This Saturday, November 14th we are walking for Dilla & joining hundreds more as we continue to come together in support to finding this cure for Lupus.
If you have not registered yet you still have time. You can go to www.lupusresearch.org Sign up under the Jay Walkers Team with Team Captain Rashonda Hayes. You can also get more information about the walk at www.officialmadukes.com
We are still in need of sponsors & donations. Big shouts to Phyne Print & 2 Fresh 4 yall for donating T-shirts for the walk. Thank You so much!!
If your company would like to support the Jay Walkers team, please contact Herman Hayes at disfadilla@yahoo.com or you can reach Rashonda Hayes on twitter @Detroit613
There are a couple Jay Walkers pre-party events this Friday night. Check the flyers for more info.
We look forward to seeing you this Saturday! Blessings T
This Friday! Jay Walkers Pre Party with MF DOOM Release

Love Feat. Pharoahe Monch - J Dilla (AKA Jay Dee)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Adriana Evans is back!:)

I was just thinking about her a couple weeks ago, wondering "Where is Adriana Evans?" I love her! I always thought she was an artist who never got the shine she deserved.
Her voice is so beautiful, her style & vibe is so fresh and nobody really knows who she is. Anyways, just seen this write up from Fusicology. I'm really excited to see she's back in the game. Can't wait to check out her new music. It's out today, November 10th!
Adriana Evans is back!!
Singer Adriana Evans was born and raised in San Francisco, California. Her mother, Mary Stallings was also a gifted jazz vocalist who sang with Count Basie, Dizzy Gillespie, Cal Tjader and released several solo records. At 18, Adriana relocated to Los Angeles, where she met rapper/producer Dred Scott whom she collaborated with on his 1994 album “Breakin' Combs”. A year later she and Dred wrote and recorded her debut self titled album for Capitol Records but soon after, the urban music department disbanded and her contract ended up in the hands of Loud/RCA.

Alongside Erykah Badu’, “Baduizm”, Adriana and her album with it’s jazzy vibe, had the unique distinction of being responsible for ushering in what would later be dubbed the “neo-soul” movement. Rising to the heights of success on the backs of hip-hop groups like Mobb Deep and The Wu-Tang Clan, Loud Records was essentially a “rap label” and regrettably, ill equipped to properly promote and market such a revolutionary release.

Critically acclaimed yet commercially panned, (only 70,000 units sold) Adriana became disenchanted with the politics of the music industry and retreated to the warmth and freedom of the independent scene. Seven years later, her sophomore album, “Nomadic” was released on her own label to be sold only at shows and on her website… until now.
Animatedcartunes proudly re-issues this hard to find classic enhanced to include a music video for the lead single, “7 Days”. The album is a departure from her jazzy self titled debut in that it draws it's inspiration from many genres of music including samba, reggae, rock and hip-hop but all VERY soulfully composed. It is an extremely unique sound that defies description and can only be truly understood when you give it a listen.

Classics...she's so fly

Monday, November 9, 2009

Healing through Music

I found this cool interview with Sheila E on CNN. She talks about helping children who have experienced abuse, though music. I already loved Sheila E. being a huge Prince fan, but now I respect & admire her even more for using her talent to help others.
I was sexually abused when I was younger. I can talk freely about it now because my heart has gone through much healing. Because of this experience, it is my desire to want to help others who have experienced this same situation.
In my opinion, sexual abuse to a child is the worst thing that could ever be done on this planet. To have your innocence taken away and to never regain it back is such a tragic epidemic that takes place all over the world. Unfortunately, the child grows up into a fearful, rejected and shameful adult. Trust me, I know this topic oh so well. But I thank God everyday for bringing me into wholeness.
I know this topic is deep and personal but sexual abuse has happened to sooo many people, women and men. I'm all about reality and seeing people set free & happy.

Check this link out:)copy/paste http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/showbiz/2009/10/07/dcl.delaney.sheila.e.intv.cnn

Antwone Fisher is a personal hero for many reasons. I admire him for sharing his experience of abuse & abandonment. When I seen this movie at the theaters, I never seen so many people crying, even grown men. This movie definitely touched a lot of people. Thank you Mr. Fisher for being so transparent. You have helped so many people, including myself.

We all share the same story. Everybody has grown up in some sort of dysfunction. We can't change our past but we can choose to rise above it and make our future a bright one.

This is why I'm a "Believer"

If you have read any of my poetry, you see I make a lot of reference about God. I never try to push my relationship with Him on anybody, I just love Him so much because of the healing He has brought into my life. He is so real to me, just as real as you are to me. I'll never be ashamed or embarrased to talk about the wonderful things He has done in my life. If you think I'm weird, good:) God's love brings healing, it's there for you too:) blessings xoxo T

This is why...
I put Him first...
I need silence as I write this
I don't even know what to title this
But I know what I want to say and that is....Thank you
I have to wipe the tears that fall from my eyes
Before I even write the next line to this rhyme
Honestly, this poem gives no justice to describe
This expression of gratitude that I'm feeling inside
I can't even capture the right words to express
So I'll do my best to describe what dwells in my chest
How I feel for you?
Cannot even fit in the form of Haiku
And if I were to write it in words
It would carry more strength than action verbs
There would be no ending, no period, it goes beyond a sentence
It's like your love for me, it's endless
That's why I put you first
Nobody else's love helps me understand what I'm worth
You've been there for me from the beginning
When nobody cared it was you that was listening
I didn't know who You were but you were always watching over me
If I close my eyes and go back through my history
When I should've been protected instead you sent your angels down from heaven
You know the story, every time they'd argue she'd run out the house
But this is the part that I try to black out
It's more painful than my mom's black eye
It's when he came in my room and stood by my bedside
While I was pretending to be sleeping
I was really awake but dreaming
When I asked in my mind for somebody to take me to a place I could hide
You brought me to a place where I believed I could fly
A safe place where every little girl was free to play
That was the first day I learned how to pray
This game of hide and seek became a survival technique
I'd call your name and quickly you came to my aid
So strong you held me close in your arms
While another man's hands took my innocence away
That pillow that my head rested on, was really your lap
You caressed my face while your angels rubbed my back
Gently you whispered in my ear so softly...
My dear, I am here, you have nothing to fear
Have to remind myself when I don't feel Him he's still near
Just as He stood with me then, He still stands with me today
That's why at the end of the day I could careless what people say
Cause He's the only one who understands
When we walk side by side you see His footprints in the sand
When my dad went away it was you that took his place
Yes, I wished I could've seen the look on his face
Every time I made a wish before I blew out the cake
Pretty soon the candles were outnumbered by my tears
They didn't represent my age
But for every year that my daddy wasn't there
From age two to thirty two
Imagine what you could do,if you melted all those candles into one?
If it was sparked it would never go dark
And I'd bet it would be larger than Candlestick Park
And yes I wished it was his arm that I held onto on my special day
But I'm glad that I chose cousin Trav to give me away
But the reason why I smiled was because I knew you were there
When I walked down that aisle
But even though our marriage lasted only a short while
You still walk with me
arm in arm like you're the one who married me
I will never be ashamed of you
I don't care who sees me raise my arms just to praise you
And if they do I will tell them
You are real
That's why this poem gives no justice to describe how I feel
But I know what I want to say
And that is....Thank You

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Freedom Writing

Freedom writing/Fighting to stay alive/Writing this line while driving down the 405/ The real grind begins after the 9-5/Entering Golden Time/Praying that illumination shines through this rhyme/Just had a thought…if confession brings healing, then expression brings freedom/So if artists expressed their hearts then their art can really free men/So why then, do artists keep on reaching for a dream that has no meaning?/Gifts were meant for giving/But most use their gifts in vain/All for a name, fame or just to entertain/It wearies me, when I see the music and film industry continuing to put things that leave us with no feeling/Please forgive me, but I just feel Hollywood is on some fake shit/That's why today, Holly would do just about anything to make it/Little girls repeat what they see/Believing reality is a world they see on MTV/Kids don't read books anymore/Don't know their history, brainwashed by media/Entertain their brains with pop culture trivia/Who gives a shit if Tom Cruise shops at Whole Foods or if Tara Reeds got lopsided boobs?/Millions are wasted on media that continues to feed garbage to our spirits/Can you imagine if that money was used for a good purpose?/Who knows? Research could have used that money and found a cure for Lupus/Dilla would still be eating donuts loopin Rufus/We've all been told from the young and the old/All that glitters is not gold/ Don't be fooled by Tinseltown just because it shines so bright/Like moths drawn to the light but soon get lost in the flight/Many stories told, of how they sacrificed their wife, slept in their cars at night, just to be a star/But somewhere along the dream, they forgot who they are/Were in a time, where the amateur is on the rise/Be wise/Utilize all resources to speak your mind/Who needs a publicists these days when you can promote yourself online?/How powerful it is to have the opportunity to bring unity through a MySpace community/I don't worship idols but in a way Tom's a god/Thank you for helping me re-unite with my Aunt Kim through a blog/Young Babes, you ought to be ashamed/It's time to change your default pic on your MySpace page/ Tired of seeing reflections of legs and darriers taken by yourself in your bathrooms mirrors/We were created for a specific purpose in a specific time as this/Be different/Be an instrument/Use your gifts to uplift...../D.J.'s keep us dancing/ Keep playing the music that flows from the soul/Poets and writers continue to write what you know/Lyricists keep using your gifts of prophecy to show us the way to go/ Photographers keep capturing history of emcees that rock the shows/Producers keep making fruitful beats that help makes us grow/Peace not war but support the bombs Graff arms throw/Write. Draw. Paint. Recite. Act. Dance. Sing/If you all have a dream, don't stop/Stay strong and just believe/Pass the baton of our creative energy that sets us all free.