Monday, April 19, 2010

Electric Intercourse

My Exodus

I had to walk through desert sands
Like the Israelites when they had to pass through the wilderness
In order to get to the Promised Land
The purpose of this wilderness was to show me my wickedness
A place to escape after He delivered me from Egypt
Which represents my flesh
This quest also brought deliverance
From things and people that didn't benefit
Like old habits and corrupt relationships
All this was the Genesis to my Exodus
It started out like this
Like the kiss of Judas
I was betrayed
Been played
Always afraid what people would say
I swayed back and forth like ocean waves
Tossed to and fro
Who would have known my foes were those close to home
Now I've grown and I see there was no trust or no love
Sharing nothing in common except drugs thugs and clubs
Foundation of these friendships were vain
While they remained I started to change
My mind was reaching higher planes
Conversation not the same
Relationships I thought were significant
Became stagnate and a hindrance
Rejected and left forsaken
But no hard feelings taken
These situations only strengthened and my eyes were now awakened
God closed doors on the people I ran towards
Inside these glass shields were the only place I could be healed
From the spirit of rejection that had taken deep root from no fatherly affection
Correction was needed as I proceeded
But before I could continue all flesh had to be shed
I was broken like bread before the multitudes could be fed
I had to understand that it wasn't about me
So many nights I would cry as I stared towards the sky
Asking God, 'Where you at in all of this?'
I couldn't feel His presence
Even doubted if He exists
Such a lonely place when the only person I could be embraced
Was by a man with no face
But still I would chase after a dream I couldn't see
I grew through this journey of long suffering and pain
So for me to stay the same
My exodus would be in vain
To have learned without love
This all don't mean a thing

LOVETiana (1996)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Prince Unauthorized

Here some great footage on Prince and The Minneapolis Movement. Prince fans enjoy.

missing Part 3

Minneapolis Movement

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ladies Behind the Lens

There are alot of talented up & coming photographers & filmmakers of our time. Just a few that come to mind are photographers Mel D. Cole, Tone, Kris Perry, Frolab & Imani Waddy. Directors Paul Coy Allen, Earnest Rhea, Stephen Dummit, Rik Cordero, Sieta Williams and Emiliano Styles. But my focus is on the ladies.
Why are there so few female filmmakers & photographers? Why the lack of? or atleast the lack of recognition. It's as if we have been wiped out of the books of entertainment history. Could it be that women are seen as organizers, great at delegating and keeping the house in order - tasks that in the film industry are done by producers - while the men take on the role of director, seemingly giving them power and authority.
Well, we do exist but the numbers are few. Thankfully, things are progressively starting to change. Ladies behind the lens are beginning to flood today's theaters more than ever, with movies as diverse as the women themselves. Yet the struggle for equality, recognition and respect continues.
I believe we play a very important and significant role in our time & era. We are pioneers stepping foot in a predominantly male driven industry. Capturing a time in Hip Hop where new artists are beginning to emerge. The public will always be able to look back and remember the underdog emcees, musicians, producers, fashion, and Hip Hop culture in all its entirety, all through the lens. I am just wanting to pay homage to the females who are help making this happen.
I'm an artist, poet, writer, photographer, music video director & aspiring filmmaker. I am truly thankful to all my musician friends who have entrusted me with their music and allowed me to provide a visual experience to their art.
As an artist, I have always been drawn to capturing love through the lens. Whether it be a child smiling, lovers kissing, an emcee rocking the mic on stage or simply capturing a beautiful sunset. All of these images to me represent love. I have always said that an emcee and a filmmaker are very similiar. We are both storytellers. We are telling a story from words which casts a visual image in one's mind or on screen. We are alot alike in many ways.
I know there are alot of dope photographers all across the globe but I wanted to highlight three special ladies that live right here in Los Angeles. Kyla Wright, Jeanette Parades and Mai Shafik. I will also have the priveledge to be working with two of them this weekend on Frank Nitt's new single with Delicious Vinyl records, "You Go Girl" produced by Terrace Martin featuring,Its A Problem. These ladies are Mrs. Kyla Wright and Jeanette Parades. I will be assisting the talented director Stephen Dummit. Kyla Wright is lead stylist. Jeanette Parades is the lighting director and key grip. Stay tuned for the video. There will be many cameo appearances.
I posted below, just a few of my favorite shots that represent my hearts interests. I also put up some really cool clips of some female directors that inspired me to continue. If you would like to see more of my work, please check myspace.com/lovetiana75. You can add me on Facebook and check my work out there.
My last words I wanted to impart to all women of every color, young & old, all over the globe. Never give up on your dreams. We have been given the gift to tell stories through the lens. Our numbers are few, that is why we really need to support and encourage one another in our craft. In full support and unity rather than competition or division. We represent the ladies behind the lens. We are all one. We represent us. The world needs to see what we see. We add a different, unique and beautiful outlook towards life. The world is waiting. Best of Luck and God bless. LOVETIANA
I took this pic with my teethThis picture makes my heart overwhelmedSF SunsetDriving by
Talented female directors are all over the globe. Each have a different story to tell.

First female director at CBS. Started out as a receptionist for company.

Female director discussing her shortcomings. I can relate to her alot.

Kyla Wright

If you don't know who Kyla is then you must not have any knowledge of the LA/Detroit Hip Hop scene. Kyla is a hard working, innovative, fashion foward, business savvy, and a lover of Hip Hop culture. She is usually spotted on Sundays at the Do Over capturing Sangria spilled shirts as well as DJ's, emcees and faces in the crowd at a Night Life, Rootdown, or Dilla Tribute event. Kyla is a pioneer and definitely gets my vote as a great representative of a lady behind the lens. You can check out her blog at www.blacknbling.com

Jeanette Parades
jeanetteparedes.com  whyiamagenius.blogspot.comJeannette in action
I have worked with Jeanette Parades many times on set or capturing a performance of your favorite emcee on stage at various Hip Hop venues. She is an amazing girl, extremely talented and I can say that she is my friend. You will most likely see Jeanette snapping shots at a Freak City Party or at any Delicious Vinyl event. If you would like see more of her art check out:
Frank, Amp and Illa JT Martin, Jay B, Frank and Kurupt Ernest Rhea

Mai Shafik
Mai Shafik. Talented photographer and filmmaker
I just recently met Mai Shafik on a road trip to SXSW in Austin, Texas. I was introduced to her through my friend and Producer/Emcee, Dae One. Who would have known that we would have connected on so many levels. I think of the word, "serendipity" when I think of our introduction. I just wanted to experience SXSW and needed a ride. Dae told me that some of his homies were coming up and I could possibly hitch a ride with them. What a blessing in disguise. We didn't even start conversating about our love of film and music till after our 2 day excursion wandering the streets of downtown. The more we talked on our 22 hour drive back home to Los Angeles is that we had many same passions, views and values. Mai has worked with many Hip Hop artists such as Bad Lucc, El Prez, Jansport & Hawdwerk and the most recent project with her crew DRG Films, U-N-I Love Supreme Documentary. You can see links to work she has done with DRG Films. She has been working with them since 2002. You will definitely be hearing more from this talented and wonderful person, Mai Shafik.
You can follow Mai on twitter @msDRG

A Love Supreme 2.0 (Trailer) from DRG Films on Vimeo.