Friday, October 30, 2009

Lip Gloss

I heard you're going to be at the party tonight
I wanted to look just right
So I bought a pretty black dress just for you
I hope you like
I like the way you dress too
Your so cool
You keep up with the latest
But seem to keep it old school
So fresh and brand new
You always know what to do
You know how to mix the vintage with the fly
The way you comb your hair
It's kind of cute to me when you part it to the side:)
Turns me on how you can make the crowd go wild
I haven't felt this funny feeling in such a long while
When I look at your picture you bring out a smile
You make this fly girl turn into a shy girl
But right now I want to move
So if you feel like I do
Then tonight let's groove
On the dance floor just me and you
So just take a chance
Don't be shy boy
Please come up to me
and ask me to dance
It will be fun
Your the only one
Your the reason why
I put my lip gloss on
muah xoxo

Lets groove tonight

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Midsummer's Night Dream

This is dedicated to one fine gentleman
Is he fact or fiction?
Or just a figment of my imagination?
A mid summer nights dream that became a reality?
This distant lover caught a flight
landed on the beach & I arrived round midnight
You greeted me with a hug & a kiss on my cheek
It was just right & it was just like I prophesied
The moonlight reflected off your sparkling eyes
You made me so shy, you are so fine I had to look away
We walked along side the waves that crashed at our feet
You got me smiling like a school girl at every word that you speak
So handsome,sexy and intelligent
I could tell right away your a true gentleman
I love learning about you & your religion
I admire your integrity & your discipline you're really living it
I know this couldn't work were both from two different worlds
But attraction only knows truth & sees beyond any laws
This feels so natural, it just feels right
No drug could ever make you this high
I prayed to the most high in one of my darkest nights
I looked to the sky & prayed for a light
I opened up my eyes & now here you are
He answered my prayers and sent me a star
That's why I know your a gift from above and if He is love
Then how could this be wrong?
Even if we never become one
I am blessed because you inspired this song
You make me feel safe that's why it was ok with me to walk back to your place
What's gotten over me? Your making this independent woman want to act domestically
Cook you good food to make sure your eating healthy
But only because your sweeter then the coconut tea you shared with me
Asking me questions about my family tree showed that you really cared for me
Never felt this close to someone fully clothed & your still into me
This is true intimacy with respect
Getting sleepy but I'm not ready to leave yet
Let me close my eyes and fall asleep on your chest
I am awakened at the beautiful music that comes from our silence
Your heart beating in my ear and the sounds from the waves of the ocean crashing outside your window
I'm embracing this moment
taking you in slow tasting your pheromones as I breath in your soul
This is beginning to feel to good now I really got to go
4 am now I'm driving home
trying to stay awake listening to Love Love Love by Donny Hathaway
Sent you that text to let you know I got home safe
I fell asleep right away & when I woke up the first thing I thought about was you
Was this dream really true or just a case of de ja vu?
I want to fall back asleep so I can dream of part 2

Monday, October 26, 2009

Never Give Up

This poem is dedicated to all the artists. Keep believing in your dreams even when nobody else does. The ones who ever felt like Noah when he was trying to build the ark. The dream stealers didn't believe him, thought he was crazy and stupid. But guess what happened to the haters when the storm hit? Exactly...To all the dreamers this ones for you.

Growing up, it was just me & cousin Trav
We never had a dad to tell us, 'Yes we can'
or that 'We can be anything we want to be'
Just two latch key kids that lacked self esteem
Couldn't rely on he, so I had to rely on I
So don't think I'm crazy when I talk to the sky
My whole life I had to fight
Trying to turn my dark past into a future that is bright
& just like you I want to do what's right
But anytime you want to better your life you get resistance
For instance, not very long ago I had to pray myself back into existence
Broke down from all the stress and tension
In 07, I hit a great depression but in this time my soul learned the greatest lessons
Never took the time to grieve over things that were stole
So in a sense I became a modern day Job
Lost my job, lost my home, lost my car, lost my hope
But when Uncle Bob passed that's when I couldn't cope
But no matter how hard I tried to hide & end things
God's love would always come and find me
Sent me human angels to keep me smiling
So to all the people who have a problem with me rising
You haters can take it up with my Creator
Because I was created for greatness
So this next message goes out to the all the dream stealers
Let me get my hit list time to check off all the hatin b******
That smiled to my face, hugged my neck, but when I walked away they'd talk their sh**
Warning other people to be careful, to watch out & look out for me
But if you took the time to get to know me
See what I'm about & read my poetry
You would clearly see that my message is about spreading the love
& encouraging others that they can make their dreams come true
So when you spoke against me you really were speaking against you
Really, we should be on the look out for you
But enough about you
Going on to number 2
Never thought you could be home alone
and run up a thousand dollar phone bill and never pick up the phone
Who were you calling? Cause it sure wasn't me
Imagine the agony to not hear from you husband & it's going on month 3
Yeah nobody's perfect, I was still working on me
Acted real immature said things I didn't mean
But one things for sure, I loved you
And all those things were no reason to leave your Queen
Who needed enduring love & consistency from her King
While I put mine aside I supported your dreams
But you forgot that we were on the same team
Love never has to compete it completes
I was down for you & yours
Sold the Symphony merch when you went on tour
& yes it wasn't right to call your sister Jenny a b****
Which she made my hit list 3
But what do expect?
How would you feel if you shared your heart & they turned right back around
to kill your dream? Told me to be more realistic
Said I was good with my hands
Massage therapists are high in demand
Well she did speak some head knowledge
Let me share with you what I learned in hand college
If you take the middle finger with the palms facing up
It means Ya Basta! Spanish for Enough is Enough
But then if you flip your hand over you get a whole new meaning
So to all the artists who work the hardest keep on dreaming
Turn up the middle finger to all the dream stealers
Don't Stop, stay strong and keep believing!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Have you ever loved somebody that never knew how you truly feel? The pain of being a distant lover. Crushes are exactly that. But the most beautiful songs come from this feeling.

Wishing Upon A Starbucks

Always be kind to everyone on your comeup. You maybe steps ahead but in time the Under Dog will catch up. It's all a matter of time.

Never Give Up on your Dreams. Ever.

It's sad when I see
Wannabe actresses and models
Giving up their asses for a role
I'm no role model but I'm working my ass off
To get this dough
This industry is mean that's why I keep smiling
While I'm humbly climbing
Up this ladder of politics
Making my way through haters, publicists and top execs
That's why I say always respect the servants
Who they are today may not be who they are tomorrow
You'd never know that standing before you
is an undiscovered star
From the receptionist
Answering the phones
To the personal assistant
Who has the keys to your home
You never know
There maybe a day when positions could switch
And now were the ones who signs your pay checks
And you'll be living in regret
Cause you can never take back
That day when you laughed
When I had to go fetch bottles of water for the staff
Now guess who's going to have the last laugh?
Just remember these words
The last shall be first and the first shall be last
This is not a threat but facts so take heed
In fact my job is not an assistant
But a Gardner planting seeds
Until then I just trust in the divine
Cause I know in due time
A harvest will come back to me
So what you see
Is just history in the making
I'm not complaining but I'm just saying
I'm getting tired of running to Starbucks for the stars
One day, I'll be running my own Starbucks like Magic cause like him I got charm
But this dream can only be achieved from me working hard
That's why I remind myself to stay on this grind
And I'm not talking about coffee
but writing these rhymes

wrote this 3 years ago:D I still believe in this.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Secret...Law of Attraction

Like attracts like
So my right type
Is a fly guy who typewrites
Rocks mics & rocks Nikes
Right now I'm feeling like
Explosive like some Dynomite
Tired of being a distant lover
So let me catch a flight
Make this fantasy in my mind come to life
If I were to die tonight
At least I could say I felt a love that felt right
Let's hold hands and slow dance on the sand
Underneath the moonlight
Been hurt in the past
But for you I just might
Give love another chance
Sexy in your B Boy stance
Loving the fact that your not too shy to dance
Attracted to your discipline
Most fools try to rush in
But you take your time
I believe we were a King and Queen in our past lives
Died and this lifetime we came back as butterflies
Now our purpose in life is to be like the One that shines bright
We are rays of light
Reflecting the love that comes from above
I pray at night God's protecting my love
A Golden bridge maybe between us but we still connected to a Golden Son
Just look at my name, we will always be one
We have so much in common
Even from the same hood
Now we're both grown-ups using our gifts to bring good
Making me want you more than just my brother
Want to become more like your secret lover
While your at work Ill send you a sexy text
For your eyes only I'll even send you a sexy pic
We on some alien shit
Connect on an intellectual and spiritual tip
Floatin minds coastin on a spaceship
But then can flip it and get
artistically freaky like Prince
Soft and wet I can't help but lick my lips
So thoughtful and so sweet
Telling me that I crossed your mind peacefully
so you prayed for the Creator to be gentle to me
You make me feel beautiful
Cause normallay I don't believe em
When the boys say I'm prettay
But you maken me feel sexay
Got me feeling myself like Kanye
I pray that this feeling never goes away
Holding out for you I'll wait
Patiently I anticipate the date
our souls will mate

Friday, October 16, 2009

Hood LOVE is Good LOVE

Hood love is Good love
Its that David's Sunflower Seeds and Popeye's red beans and rice with a bisquit & honey kind of love.
Its that holding hands at the mall shopping for fresh kicks and fits for your photo shoot together kind of love.
Its that massaging Palmer's Cocoa Butter & Baby oil on each others backs and feet after we shower kind of love.
That popping each others pimples straight monkey grooming each other kind of love.
Washing each others cars in the driveway listening to The Gap Band in some big ass sweats wearing one another's house slippers kind of love.
Its that waking up late to go to church so we pray together for our friends, family and our new president in bed kind of love.
That spooning on a futon mattress with no frame in our new empty studio apartment cause we gave up on assembling complicated IKEA furniture kind of love.
Its that volunteering at the soup kitchen on Thanksgiving Day and donating our old kicks to better our community kind of love.
Its that writing rhymes together and sharing poetry you wrote from your old journals back from highschool when you realized you wanted to be an emcee kind of love.
Its that helping you pack your bags for tour and picking you up from LAX when you get back from overseas kind of love.
Its that saying no to the single friends that want to go to the club on a Friday night cause I want to build with you kind of love.
That Hennessey straight out the bottle rolling blunts shot gunning in each others mouth kind of love.
Its that applying for a new credit card in your name cause my credit sucks and now I'm going to make your credit go to shit as well kind of love.
That waking up with crust in your eye kissing each other stank breath and all sharing each other's toothbrush in the morning kind of love.
Its that, "get your ass out the car and help push bitch!" cause the battery died kind of love.
Its that checking on your myspace page and seeing who the hell is that sending you some, "Showing you Love, where you've been?" kind of love.
Its that making beats & writing some hard core gangsta raps in the studio together kind of love.
Its that Guitar Hero playing drums all night thinking we rock stars kind of love.
Its that highschool 90's crush feeling all over again rhyming Tribe and singing "Let's chill in our mid thirties being like teenagers kind of love.
Its that breaking away from the party making out in our friends guest room kind of love.
Its that doing the Kid and Play in the living room watching House Party kind of love.
Its that laying on your stomache on a rainy day watching Cosby Show and Three's Company reruns and not doing a damn thing all day long kind of love.
Its that sending nasty pictures to your phone while your at work for inspiration letting you know what's waiting for you at home kind of love.
Its that taking your daughter from your baby's mom to the park and playing Horse and letting me brush and braid her hair kind of love.
That midnight making runs to 7-11 to get a extra large half and half Cherry/Blueberry Slurpee with a solo Peach Blunt and a lotto ticket kind of love.
That holding my hair cause I'm puking my guts out the side of your car after the club then eating Roscoes Chicken and Waffles at 2:36 am kind of love.
That beef jerky eating playing Mrs. Pacman and Centipede waiting for our clothes to be done at the laundromat kind of love.
Its that going to the Bank, Grocery store, Liquor store & Western Union for YOUR mama cause I'm family now kind of love.
That electric slide and soul train in the kitchen in your socks while making a big ass pot of spahgetti kind of love.
That sneaking Taco Bell a flask of Jose Cuervo and a big bag of peanut M&M's into the movie theater kind of love.
That talking shit watching music videos Tivo'ing Flavor of Love and America's next best dance crew kind of love.
That arguing in the Mc'Donalds parking lot about some dumb pointless bullshit that has nothing to do about us for hours kind of love.
That friday night when your friends want you to go out but we chose to stay in and recite Trading places & Coming to America kind of love.
That up all night it's 4 am and where the fuck are you at and why aren't you picking up your gawdamn phone! kind of love.
That reading each other's daily horoscope and reading, "Linda Goodmans Love Signs" to check our compatibility at Barnes and Nobles kind of love.
That cappin & snappin each other with endless Yo mama jokes battle rapping each other kind of love.
The pull over the side of the road and give head listening to Led Zeppelin kind of love.
The playing the drums and keyboards at the Guitar Center on a Sunday afternoon then heading to Amoeba to shop for vinyl kind of love.
That praying for one another for strength and comfort when your auntie passed away kind of love.
That punching holes in the wall then going to the club with the homies to piss you off and make you wonder kind of love.
That laying on the top of your hood together staring at the stars in the Hollyhood Hills thinking of girls and boys names for our babies kind of love.
Hood love is good love.
Hood love is true love.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Little Girl

Daddies be there for your little girl. Your presence is so vital to our existence.
"He will restore the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers" Malachi 4:6

She was brought into this world as a result of sin
But there' no question...she was predestined
A blessing...in disguise
It's true that God can use the foolish things to confound the wise
She came as a surprise but not in God's time
Her purpose was to shine and bring light to her father's eyes
A young man who didn't understand what it meant to be a man
or a dad to ay the least
17 with no dreams but she showed him the true meaning of life
He was happy but overwhelmed
He couldn't handle the responsibilities
so mommy used baby as a threat till he would get it right
But that day never came
So one day, mommy packed up her things and drove away from her pain
While baby played in the backseat
not realizing she would be leaving what she would need most
Years pass, and now baby's all grown up
Still a little girl but a little girl in a womanly body
Her mind doesn't match her physique
Feminity incomplete
Insecure and not sure of her worth
because a healthy girl is built up by her father's words
Her confidence is built by compliments by men who only see her as an object
Her one true desire in life, is just to be held
by masculine arms that will never leave
She truly believes that she is not worthy to be loved
So she developed a mentality of thinking that giving is the key
to make him stay
Bending over backwards...compromising herself just so he wouldn't leave
But in the end she's left empty carrying his seed
History repeats & now she's left without peace
She can't rest unforgiveness & bitterness dwells in her chest
All she ever wanted was to be loved & caressed
But in this test..She finally could see
That the love she was searching for was right there all along
It's all she would need
This unconditional love came from above...
God is a father to the fatherless
His love will never leave:)

Monday, October 5, 2009

My Exodus

Never give up on your dreams.

Get up
and again
and again
recast the vision.

I had to walk through desert sands
Like the Israelites when they had to pass through the wilderness
In order to get to the Promised Land
The purpose of this wilderness was to show me my wickedness
A place to escape after He delivered me from Egypt
Which represents my flesh
This quest also brought deliverance
From things and people that didn't benefit
Like old habits and corrupt relationships
All this was the Genesis to my Exodus
It started out like this
Like the kiss of Judas
I was betrayed
Been played
Always afraid what people would say
I swayed back and forth like ocean waves
Tossed to and fro
Who would have known my foes were those close to home
Now I've grown and I see there was no trust or no love
Sharing nothing in common except drugs thugs and clubs
Foundation of these friendships were vain
While they remained I started to change
My mind was reaching higher planes
Conversation not the same
Relationships I thought were significant
Became stagnate and a hindrance
Rejected and left forsaken
But no hard feelings taken
These situations only strengthened and my eyes were now awakened
God closed doors on the people I ran towards
Inside these glass shields were the only place I could be healed
From the spirit of rejection that had taken deep root from no fatherly affection
Correction was needed as I proceeded
But before I could continue all flesh had to be shed
I was broken like bread before the multitudes could be fed
I had to understand that it wasn't about me
So many nights I would cry as I stared towards the sky
Asking God, 'Where you at in all of this?'
I couldn't feel His presence
Even doubted if He exists
Such a lonely place when the only person I could be embraced
Was by a man with no face
But still I would chase after a dream I couldn't see
I grew through this journey of long suffering and pain
So for me to stay the same
My exodus would be in vain
To have learned without love
This all don't mean a thing

LOVETiana (1996)

Saturday, October 3, 2009


She was a beauty queen with low self esteem
Who gave up on her hopes and her dreams
Put aside her own life to become the wife
of a man who won’t make the same sacrifice
She tries for him
Even compromises sin for his attention
That’s why there’s no respect because for him she’ll always give in
She never waited nor was patient for God to lead her relationships
She noticed it all began when he stopped doing the simple things
The sweet things that made her shine
Around his friends she became like all the rest
He could care less if his friends showed her no respect
Like a silly girl she would fight over a guy that had other girls on the side
Putting the blame on the other women
when the enemy was the one she was sleeping with
Everyday became a battle
The minute her eyes would open to the new morning sun
She’s overwhelmed with frustration and unappreciative of God’s creations
Her feelings are like a roller coaster
Unstable moods
Her days are even ruled by his attitude
She continues to pray that his ways will change
But in exchange she’s left spiritually drained
Tries to maintain strong in her weak little frame
Her days at work are filled with thoughts of what he did
A man she can’t stand but if he asked for another chance she’d give in
Crazy love
Conjuring thoughts to ruin him but the next minute she’s pursuing him
She can’t rest
Unforgiveness and bitterness sits in her chest
But still she holds on
Reminiscing of their first kiss to their song
While he’s moved on as if nothings wrong
She’s mad at herself because she promised she wouldn’t let this happen again
She was even hesitant before she stepped in
Even told him of what others did to her last
But despite her past she decided to give love another chance
It was a rushed romance
She always had somebody there and if they left
She moved on to the next
She didn’t understand where she kept going wrong
Since friendships were never established from the get
The foundation of respect was replaced with feelings of regret
He really wanted to do right
But he was never challenged to act right
He could only see her as she seen herself
I wish I could have told her that her righteousness
can make a boy want to become a better man
But understand no matter what sin she fell in
When she looks to Him
She will always be radiant in His eyes
She shall never be put to shame.
Psalms 34:5

Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Saturday LOVE

Just Got Paid Friday Night
Best friends want to head to Nightlife
But they can go head without me
Cause tonight I'm feeling like
I want to hang with you tonight
So call me after you get out the studio
I'll call Roscoes & order Chicken n Waffles to go
So we can come back home
Roll one and be rollin n watch the Chappelle Show
Or we can sip some wine & recite every line
Watch Trading Places for the 99th time
Last but not least we can pop in Purple Rain
But we both know what comes next after the Basement Scene
You start thinking you Prince and I'm Apollonia
Convincing me I need to put this apple on ya
Got me stripping down like I'm passing initiation at Lake Minnetonka
Let's purify ourselves and head to the shower
Let's give head for hours and then take it back to the bed
Only 2 am and you getting breakfast in bed
Let's light some candles 'Do me baby's' on repeat
I know your beat
making beats working 80 hour weeks just so we can eat
So lay your head down and relax
Let me massage your back
Spoiling you sitting on you while I'm rubbing oil on you
But you deserve it
It's my pleasure to serve you too
Let's fall asleep and then wake up at noon
But before we get dressed let's go for round 22
Now we grooving in the car to Earth Wind and Fire tunes
Headed to the mall so we can shop for your photo shoot
You know I'm stylish
I'm your personal stylists
Dress you in fly fits that get the ladies posting up photo comments
They can comment how sexy you be
But I know I'll always be the lady you want to see
I believe in you and you believe in me
We will always be
Best friends
Your so special to me

FeeL U uP