Friday, December 4, 2009

The Rest of Dilla Vol.1

Props to DJ Rasta Root & Eric 9 for the artwork. So dope.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

All Is Vanity

Through my eyes...
I see that we live in selfish times
It’s so scary how we can carry
An, “All about me” mentality
Today we see the industry
Influencing society with their prideful philosophies
Misusing talents and God given gifts
Producing men and women with unattractive ego trips
What does it profit a man with an inheritance
When he uses his skill to belittle to gain his confidence?
Really, it’s a sign of impotence
It's such a waste
It’s like a prostitute with potential
or a man who lost it all to drugs and alcohol
I look at all the labor that’s being done under the sun
So many pearls are being cast into the sea
It’s so sad to see that All is Vanity
Material minded are entering fields of no interest
Just for the purpose to gain interests off investments
Four years are being wasted towards a degree
To achieve unfulfilling careers
Pursued for a title or status from peers
It’s the simple minded who stress their importance
With things that have no significance
That’s why today’s relationships don’t last
Cause they had to use material or exterior to attract
I laugh at men who pull out their cell phone
and make conversation with the dial tone when they see a pretty face
These kinds are usually chased by testosterone
But they say, “Like attracts Like”
Just like women who get with men for their dividends and their regiment
Determined to find their soul mate at the bank or the gym
But if they only knew that it takes a lot more than good looks to keep him
Wisdom is virtue
That’s why today there’s so very few Proverbs 31 women
Because today most females seek advice from the Cosmopolitan
It is written, in Ecclesiastes 7:1 that a good name is better
And the day of one’s death than the day of one’s birth
Because the world recognizes your works after you left this earth
Naked you came and naked you will leave
Only a fool believes there is power in his possessions
Cause you’ll have no power in the day of your death
You’ll just be left with things you can’t take when you take your last breath
So you can dress your flesh in the very best
Or surround yourself with the top notch
But where does it stop?
You might be attracted to all the glamour and the glitz
But I’ve seen the rich hit the bottom once they reached the top
I look at all the labor that's being done under the sun
And there isn't any new thing that hasn't already been done
So what does it profit a man with an inheritance
When he’s the only one who benefits?
So many pearls are being cast into the sea
It’s so sad to see that all is Vanity