Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Laws of Love & Attraction

The Laws of Love & Attraction, Mr. Deepak Chopra.

Imagining my ideal:)

When it is time. I don’t know who he maybe but I know he will be man of
His reputation is respectable and his presence is acknowledged.
He strives for excellence in all that he does that is why is an
honorable man.
He is held in high regards within the upper echelon.
His appearance may fool spectators or maybe viewed as ordinary.
But there is nothing ordinary about him.
Without a trace of a degree many are confound by the words of wisdom
that comes from his lips.
He carries a spirit of greatness that cannot be denied.
His eyes gleam with confidence because he knows that it is not him but
the Greater One that lives within him.
He is an urban prince that roams about the cities but still carries a
heart of a servant.
That is why he is favored among the poor and the rich.
He recognizes his influence is powerful that is why he chooses wisely.
Linked to the elitist but still chooses to eat among those whom men look
down upon.
He understands the importance of servant hood and does not look down
upon it as a weakness but as a prerequisite to authority.
His discipline makes him attractive and is openly rewarded by his
obedience that has been done in secret.
Never wasteful he uses his time wisely.
Never lazy because he knows it leads to poverty.
A skilled worker is he.
Always putting his hands to good use.
He has been misunderstood and not appreciated the way he deserves by the
women in his past.
For they cannot see the greatness within this man because they cannot
see the greatness within themselves.
These lovers in his past have been nothing but mere pawns. Chess pieces
in this predictable game of love.
They carry the least value and only obstacles to obtaining his goals and
full potential.
Undeniably, he has learned from these pawns but now he has reached a
place in life where he is open to love in it’s purest form.
Grown weary of playing this game alone and now ready to win with his
As one we will be a powerful force on this earth and do many great
exploits together for the sake of peace towards mankind.
We recognize that our communion is not intended for self-fulfillment but
for the serving of others so that they may in turn serve others.
We are merely forerunners.
We both see the future as if somebody has given us a map to our destiny
but in fact we have only been led by the dream that’s been within our
It’s the light that has lead us out of our dark past towards one
But for now, we are just strangers among the crowds doing what we know
to do.
We don’t know how or when this day will come but we just know that it
will. When it is time.
We will be at peace with one another because for the first time in our
lives we have found peace within ourselves.
We will enjoy the fruits of our labors and appreciate the blessings that
God has given us.
We both have come from little but know that the little is what caused us
to love great.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I still L.O.V.E. H.I.M.

I just want to see you...
Put down the facade
Take off your chain
Quit trying to be hard
It's me... With me, you can put down your guard
Quit trying to be something your not
I understand this industry
You got to stay on top
The bling, the rings, the next hottest thing
But I love you for you and not for what you got
I don't understand why the ones who got your back are the ones long forgot
Now you big shot and now we small talk
Remember the long walks down our block and I was your girl?
Holding hands and dreaming of how we gonna rock this world?
Now you on top
And now I'm wearing that rock
But on bottom
Long forgotten
And all along I just wanted your heart
You say the game has changed
The money really got in the way
When we were poor & in love you'd seranade and say, 'My Cherie Amore'
Now you rich and just call me your bitch
Well, I stayed the same
My name never changed
You divorced me and I'm still wearing your ring
While you took off yours and traded it in for an iced out chain
Love you making a fool out of me and I'm still waiting in vain
You the only one who changed
You know where to find me, still I wait
So step off the stage, lock up the Range
Come home where you belong
and I'll make you a plate.
I miss you.
Let's change.
The babies need us.
Let's bring this back
to love.

To Hip hop, to the Industry, to Music.
To him.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This is why I believe & why...

I put Him first...
I need silence as I write this
I don't even know what to title this
But I know what I want to say and that is....Thank you
I have to wipe the tears that fall from my eyes
Before I even write the next line to this rhyme
Honestly, this poem gives no justice to describe
This expression of gratitude that I'm feeling inside
I can't even capture the right words to express
So I'll do my best to describe what dwells in my chest
How I feel for you?
Cannot even fit in the form of Haiku
And if I were to write it in words
It would carry more strength than action verbs
There would be no ending, no period, it goes beyond a sentence
It's like your love for me, it's endless
That's why I put you first
Nobody else's love helps me understand what I'm worth
You've been there for me from the beginning
When nobody cared it was you that was listening
I didn't know who You were but you were always watching over me
If I close my eyes and go back through my history
When I should've been protected instead you sent your angels down from heaven
You know the story, every time they'd argue she'd run out the house
But this is the part that I try to black out
It's more painful than my mom's black eye
It's when he came in my room and stood by my bedside
While I was pretending to be sleeping
I was really awake but dreaming
When I asked in my mind for somebody to take me to a place I could hide
You brought me to a place where I believed I could fly
A safe place where every little girl was free to play
That was the first day I learned how to pray
This game of hide and seek became a survival technique
I'd call your name and quickly you came to my aid
So strong you held me close in your arms
While another man's hands took my innocence away
That pillow that my head rested on, was really your lap
You caressed my face while your angels rubbed my back
Gently you whispered in my ear so softly...
My dear, I am here, you have nothing to fear
Have to remind myself when I don't feel Him he's still near
Just as He stood with me then, He still stands with me today
That's why at the end of the day I could careless what people say
Cause He's the only one who understands
When we walk side by side you see His footprints in the sand
When my dad went away it was you that took his place
Yes, I wished I could've seen the look on his face
Every time I made a wish before I blew out the cake
Pretty soon the candles were outnumbered by my tears
They didn't represent my age
But for every year that my daddy wasn't there
From age two to thirty two
Imagine what you could do,if you melted all those candles into one?
If it was sparked it would never go dark
And I'd bet it would be larger than Candlestick Park
And yes I wished it was his arm that I held onto on my special day
But I'm glad that I chose cousin Trav to give me away
But the reason why I smiled was because I knew you were there
When I walked down that aisle
But even though our marriage lasted only a short while
You still walk with me
arm in arm like you're the one who married me
I will never be ashamed of you
I don't care who sees me raise my arms just to praise you
And if they do I will tell them
You are real
That's why this poem gives no justice to describe how I feel
But I know what I want to say
And that is....Thank You

Thursday, September 10, 2009

#SPREADLOVE - message from Uncle Herm

Hi family,
just got this in the email from Uncle Herm, to long to twit or fb. So here are the details for the upcoming walk in Atlanta. We are looking for sponsors, donations, if anything just simply spreading the word makes a difference. The community is really coming together tough this year, finding this cure for Lupus. There is so much LOVE when the comm*unity* comes together. Lets do this!! LOVE you Tiana

Hey Dilla fans and friends, thanks again for your help.........we are really aiming to make this a special day in Hip Hop....as far as food ..we need the basic BBQ items....maybe 200 hot dogs and buns, 200 hamburger and buns,400 bottled waters or drinks, and any type of Dilla stuff that's out there.....maybe Stonesthrow could send us something to give away or raffle off....as I said before.....we would like to start the BBQ around 12 noon, with running DJ sets all day, around 2pm till 6 or 7pm we plan on having production,dj,and B Boys sessions and lessons for kids 16 and under (for those who sign up and come to the Lupus walk @ 9am). The performances and guest DJ"s will start around 8pm and the kids will be at home soaking in thier new found skills.There will also be a walk video shoot and this is a good time for some sponsors to step up and be seen as a contributor to the cause ....so on that note....we need to really blast that we need sponsors,donations,walkers volunteers and media coverage. The Walk will be held at The Highwoods Century center office park ...just off of I-85 at the Clairmont exit......the walk is 5 K which is 3.2 miles....you dont have to be in Atlanta to sign up as a virtual walker....so please encourage people to sign up for the J.Dilla Project and register at http://walk.lupusresearch.org/goto/jaydee .....the Dilla Day event will be held @ the Bench 602 Marietta St. Atlanta Ga.......MaDukes will be hosting this Day in Atlanta and we need to show her the love and respect that Jay Dee deserves ...you can contact us at officialmadukes@yahoo.com or disfadilla@yahoo.com ....also check out www.officiamadukes.com for all of your Real Dilla info.....peace love and donuts......MaDukes,Uncle Herm and the J.Dilla Project

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Expression = Freedom

Thought about this poem. Had to put it back up here. Stay inspired always:)

Freedom writing/Fighting to stay alive/Writing this line while driving down the 405/ The real grind begins after the 9-5/Entering Golden Time/Praying that illumination shines through this rhyme/Just had a thought…if confession brings healing, then expression brings freedom/So if artists expressed their hearts then their art can really free men/So why then, do artists keep on reaching for a dream that has no meaning?/Gifts were meant for giving/But most use their gifts in vain/All for a name, fame or just to entertain/It wearies me, when I see the music and film industry continuing to put things that leave us with no feeling/Please forgive me, but I just feel Hollywood is on some fake shit/That's why today, Holly would do just about anything to make it/Little girls repeat what they see/Believing reality is a world they see on MTV/Kids don't read books anymore/Don't know their history, brainwashed by media/Entertain their brains with pop culture trivia/Who gives a shit if Tom Cruise shops at Whole Foods or if Tara Reeds got lopsided boobs?/Millions are wasted on media that continues to feed garbage to our spirits/Can you imagine if that money was used for a good purpose?/Who knows? Research could have used that money and found a cure for Lupus/Dilla would still be eating donuts loopin Rufus/We've all been told from the young and the old/All that glitters is not gold/ Don't be fooled by Tinseltown just because it shines so bright/Like moths drawn to the light but soon get lost in the flight/Many stories told, of how they sacrificed their wife, slept in their cars at night, just to be a star/But somewhere along the dream, they forgot who they are/Were in a time, where the amateur is on the rise/Be wise/Utilize all resources to speak your mind/Who needs a publicists these days when you can promote yourself online?/How powerful it is to have the opportunity to bring unity through a MySpace community/I don't worship idols but in a way Tom's a god/Thank you for helping me re-unite with my Aunt Kim through a blog/Young Babes, you ought to be ashamed/It's time to change your default pic on your MySpace page/ Tired of seeing reflections of legs and darriers taken by yourself in your bathrooms mirrors/We were created for a specific purpose in a specific time as this/Be different/Be an instrument/Use your gifts to uplift...../D.J.'s keep us dancing/ Keep playing the music that flows from the soul/Poets and writers continue to write what you know/Lyricists keep using your gifts of prophecy to show us the way to go/ Photographers keep capturing history of emcees that rock the shows/Producers keep making fruitful beats that help makes us grow/Peace not war but support the bombs Graff arms throw/Write. Draw. Paint. Recite. Act. Dance. Sing/If you all have a dream, don't stop/Stay strong and just believe/Pass the baton of our creative energy that sets us all free.