Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I love Ps22

These kids are so amazing. Precious.

God bless this teacher.

I don't get down like that

90's rap

Graffiti. Either it's fun or it's dumb.

I love these 70's graffiti stock footage flicks.

The Giving Tree

One of my favorite books of Shel Silverstein

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Keep On Loving Me

One of my favorite videos. This video is comedy. Whispers have more hair on their face than Rick Ross's beard, Drake's eyebrows and Questlove's afro. I love the Whispers.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Osho is one of my favorite favorite authors/poets. His insight towards love and life has really helped me grow. I know he looks crazy, a mixture of Osama and Santa Clause but his wisdom is very enlightening. Check out his books. If you live in Los Angeles, The Bohdi Tree off of Melrose by Urth Cafe has many of his books.

"The more you disturb people the more you make people think" - Osho

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Some of my favorite things...

lol why can't we wear costumes to the clubs in 2010?

80s Soul Train forever...remember mom cleaning the house on Saturday mornings. I'd be learning the new dances in the living room...

I still watch Sesame Street. So What.

Where is John John these days?

Some of us need to get back to the basics...here you go

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Friday, November 12, 2010

Female Video Directors Remain Rare In Industry

Just read a really cool article on female music video directors.

NEW YORK -- When it comes to making music videos, there's no shortage of female artists and producers. But women who are music video directors remain a small minority in the business.
Industry observers believe that this situation is indicative of a long-entrenched structure in which it is expected that most directors will be men and that the business lacks noticeable outreach in encouraging women to become directors. Of the approximately 450 music video directors represented by major U.S. and Canadian production companies, less than 9% are women.
"I think artists set the tone," Faris (video director) adds. "If there were more artists willing to take chances on having women direct their videos, we'd see more female directors."
Although today's top female music video directors come from varied backgrounds, professionals in the music video business say that three qualities are necessary for women to break through the directorial glass ceiling: talent, persistence, and a genuine love of music. - "All Business" online article, November 2009.

Fatima Robinson, who is best known for her choreography has directed a few music videos herself. She first became known to the music video business as a choreographer. Over the past several years, Robinson has choreographed videos for a diverse group of major acts, such as Michael Jackson, Backstreet Boys, Busta Rhymes, and Aaliyah.
Being a relatively new music video director, Robinson believes that "when you're in the beginning stage, the biggest obstacle is getting people's trust. It's a little harder for people to trust women with directing videos. At the same time she says she doesn't see herself competing with men.
Directed by: Fatima Robinson

Fatima Robinson

I would love to see the ladies make an impact in behind the scenes, especially in film. As I grow in this industry, I would love to inspire other women not only can we can embrace the screens with our beauty but we can also direct the videos too.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Do me baby

Can you move like Prince? I don't think so...

Still has it and still fine...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

At the end of the day its all about love, its all about family.

As you and I both know we can get burnt the hell out just grinding...hustling just to survive. We become tired as we strive towards our dreams after the 9 to 5.
I live in Los Angeles and the stresses of the grind can get to you if you don't stop, breathe, and remember what is important.
Living in Hollywood, there is so much stress on keeping up with the latest or who's the hottest. I've come across alot of superficial attitudes and a lot of clones numb to the things that are real in life, like love, family, compassion, sincerity and just being a genuine cool person. It seems like these characteristics have become instict like the Bengal Tiger.
I was driving home last night on La Brea so stressed and tense from a day at work and then "Reasons"Earth Wind and Fire came on 92.3. This is a song that my family would sing together whether it be a holiday, reunion, birthday or any family get together.
My uncle Bob who passed several years back would always be Philip Bailey holding the mic or should I say hair brush, chicken drumstick or any other object that resembled a mic.
Immediately I started crying and my body relaxed as I sang outloud. My worries of the day started fading. What seemed like the end of the world just hours prior to me hearing "Reasons" soon melted away.
Made me remember that nothing matters. Love matters. Family matters. These are the things that hold us together as we go through this journey called life.
This world is so cold & hard as it is. If we can carry this same feeling of love that we feel from our loved ones within our hearts everyday, I believe we would be so much happier and so much more confident.
Here is my families favorite group, including mine. Earth Wind and Fire.
Miss you Uncle...

Wearing hoodies since birthNikai Trav GpaGpa and the grandkidsDrummer Girl. Get ready world...
Typical soul train line with the Rubias during the holidays...

Thursday, November 4, 2010